NASA/Langley Facility 1192 Exterior Restoration

Compass Contracting has just completed repairs to Building 1192, the Financial Administration Offices, at the Langley Research Center.

The scope of work for this project included the following:

Sika epoxies, sealants, mortars and coatings were chosen for use on this project.NASA was particularly concerned that an accurate mortar match be achieved, for use in the masonry tuckpointing. Compass was able to custom blend mortars, at our shop, to achieve the desired color.

We also fabricated and installed the .040 Kynar coated, aluminum sill cladding. Each, of the 22 sill claddings, varied in dimension. This resulted in having to make 22 individual templates to insure an accurate fit.

The epoxy injection repairs, performed on the spandrel beams, resulted in a difference of surface texture, in the areas where the epoxy gel seal and injection ports were removed. These blemished were successfully hidden by using Sika Elastocolor, medium textured, coating.

Severely damaged sills were removed and their replacements were formed and poured in-place. The project was completed on schedule and within budget. This was our forth exterior restoration project at NASA/Langley.

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