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Foundation Water-proofing Drainage Systems

Foundation Water-proofing Drainage SystemsThere are many forms of waterproofing products designed to stop water infiltration into below-grade structures. There are basically two approaches to address this problem; one is positive-side waterproofing (exterior) and the other is negative-side waterproofing (interior). Some products are designed to be applied only on the exterior side of the structures and some only to the interior side. There are others, which can be applied to either side.

The waterproofing materials used in these systems can consist of one product or combination of products. Listed below are some common types of below-grade waterproofing materials:

  • Self-Adhering Modified Bitumen Sheets
  • Bentonite Clay Panels & Rolls (mechanically fastened)
  • Fluid-Applied Cold Process Modified Bitumen (reinforced & unreinforced)
  • Cementitious Crystalline (sprayed or brush applied)
  • Butyl Sheet Membrane (adhesive & mechanically fastened)
  • Hot Fluid-Applied Rubberized Asphalt (reinforced)
  • Modified Liquid Polyurethanes (spray-applied or rolled on)
  • Two-Component Synthetic Vulcanized Rubber (spray-applied, reinforced & unreinforced)
  • Asphalt / Modified Chloroprene Rubber (trowel applied, reinforced)

Typical applications for these types of waterproofing systems would be:

  • Basement Walls & Floor Slabs
  • Utility Tunnels & Vaults
  • Pedestrian & Vehicle Tunnels
  • Pumping Stations
  • Underground Storage Vessels

Drainage components can also be incorporated to enhance the performance of the overall system. In most cases, this will consist of preformed, composite, three dimensional panels placed over the waterproofing. These panels will usually tie into some type of perimeter drainpipe system to carry the water away from the below-grade structure.

Certain things to consider when selecting a waterproofing system are:

  • Type of surface onto which the waterproofing is to be applied
  • Type of surface preparation needed to meet manufacturer’s requirements
  • Hydrostatic Pressures / Water Tables
  • New or existing construction
  • Thru-wall & Thru-slab penetrations
  • Type of waterproofing terminations & detailing
  • Type of Warranty
  • Durability

Compass Contracting is an approved applicator for many types of below-grade waterproofing systems. Selection of the proper waterproofing system is a critical component in the success of any below-grade project. An improper selection of materials can lead to future problems and result in unnecessary costs. We work with our clients and the manufacturers to insure that the proper system is selected and properly installed.

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