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Expansion Joint Systems

Expansion Joint SystemsExpansion joints come in a wide array of types and composition to suite virtually any type of construction. The correct selection and installation of expansion joints is a critical component in ensuring the overall success of any construction project.

Typical applications for expansion joint use are as follows:

  • Interior Floor Joints
  • Parking Decks Joints
  • Plaza Decks Joints
  • Facades & Abutment Joints
  • Foundation Joints
  • Tunnel Joints

Concrete Tank JointsEach joint material and design depends on several criteria such as:

  • Service Temperature Range
  • Total Range Of Movement Anticipated At The Joint
  • Type of Service (Floor Joint, Parking Deck, Interior, Exterior, etc.)
  • Joint Configuration
  • Type Of Construction (Concrete, Masonry, Metal, etc.)
  • Aesthetics

The construction material for expansion joints can be as simple as preformed polyurethane or silicone strips. In other cases a multi-component system may be required, which could consist of thermo-plastic sealing glands, two or three piece metal retainer legs, epoxy anchors, elastomeric concrete fillers and stainless steel cap plates. Therefore, it is important to select the most appropriate and cost effective type of expansion joint.

Compass Contracting is licensed and an approved applicator for many types of preformed sealant and expansion joint systems. We can help our clients to select the most suitable type of joint by working in conjunction with our manufacturers.

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