Hazardous Waste Storage Facility, SikaFloor Installation

The Hazardous Waste Storage Facility, located at Quantico Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Virginia, recently received a SikaFloor System to provide a chemical resistant, traffic-grade surface as the final step in its RCRA Closure process.

The concrete floor is a slab on-grade. Test cores and excavations through the slab indicated the presence of ground water underneath the slab. As a result of this finding, SikaFloor Epocem 81 was selected to be used as a vapor retarded to eliminate vapor drive, while the epoxy flooring was being applied and during its curing. SikaFloor 90N was specified as the warning surface for this project.

The floor slab and trenches had been previously shotblasted to remove the original epoxy coating. The curbs still had the original epoxy coating on them, which was well adhered. These curbs were abraded using grinders equipped with abrasive discs to prepare them to receive the new epoxy coating.

The holes, left as a result of the core drilling, were filled using non-shrink SikaGrout 212. Shallow spalls, in the slab, were repaired with Sikadur 32 Hi-Mod Epoxy mixed with aggregate. The SikaFloor Epocem 81 was then applied and allowed to cure. The SikaFloor 90N, mixed with 70 mesh silica sand, was then placed using notched spreaders. It was then back-rolled, using spiked rollers, to aid in self-leveling and to help remove an trapped air.

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